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Saphirwerk brings a small piece of Switzerland to the rest of the world with its precision balls and ceramic measuring components. Decades of experience and innovation in polishing and grinding the hardest of materials has made us a leader in our field. Today, the name Saphirwerk stands for the most perfect balls ever made.


Saphirwerk AG belongs to AGZ Holding, a globally active, privately held, medium-sized Swiss industrial group. AGZ's fascination for ceramics goes back three generations. 


Metoxit is an expert in manufacturing high-tech ceramics for industry and medical technology


1917 The company G. Barth-Wuilleumier is founded by Gottlieb Barth and his brothers.

Natural and synthetic sapphire as well as other precious stones are processed and sold.


1930 The company Saphirwerke AG is founded in Nidau. Technical precious stones of all kinds are sold.

1954 Manufacture of cartridge needles begins. The company achieves major success and Saphirwerk becomes a well-known brand.


70s Diversification into other products.


1979 Change of name to Saphirwerk Industrieprodukte AG (SWIP).


80s Focus on balls and other industrial components made of ceramic.

The measuring technology division with ruby measuring styli, calibration balls etc. is established.

Various patents are filed.


1986 The building on Erlenstrasse 36 in Brügg is built and acquired.


1990 The company is sold to AG Ziegelwerke Horw-Gettnau-Muri in Horw.


1996/97 ISO certification for medical products DIN EN 46001 / DIN EN ISO 13485.

Accreditation as a calibration centre for the measurement quantities 'length and roundness' with the company's own measuring laboratory.

Successful certification in accordance with ISO 9001.


2007 The automated internal grinding plant is commissioned.


2011 New calibration standards for optical measuring instruments are developed.


2013 The luxury goods business unit is established.


2014 Change of name from Saphirwerk Industrieprodukte AG (SWIP) to Saphirwerk AG and a new market launch with a new logo.